WORDS a Top 10 of 2010

tour dates • read about the tour @ Electric Literature • Andy in Berlin

Interview with Davis Schneiderman @ HTMLGiant

Andy Devine does an Awful Interview with
Christopher Newgent @ Vouched

Andy Devine remixes a Robert Kloss story at
Necessary Fiction using the alphabetical method that he has popularized

Michael Kimball interviews Andy Devine @ The Faster Times

On Reading Andy Devine @

Andy Devine's conversation with
Aaron Burch, Adam Robinson (publisher), and Michael Kimball (editor) @ Smile Politely

Andy Reads @ HTMLGiant's Live Giants

Andy Devine’s WORDS includes two alphabetical lists (words that should and should not be used), a grammar on fiction writing, nine alphabetical stories, and a 90K-word novel (condensed to twenty pages). Michael Kimball attempts to explain all of it in the afterword.

"utterly original and a joy to experience"

-- Jessica Anya Blau

"our first Neo-Phoenician"

-- David McLendon